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Issue 17 Imbolc 2014


Green Shoots A-Growing

It might be hard to believe when we are still at the mercy of wintery storms but we have reached another turning point of the year. Very soon fresh green shoots will begin to show and our part of the world will regain its colour.

Cover of issue 17 Imbolc 2014

Imbolg is a time of birth, of growth, of fresh starts. After the reflection of Samhain and the introspection of Yule we can now stretch and look forward to the possibilities of the new year.

It's time to start thinking about spring cleaning, clearing the decks for the year's projects. It's part of many covens' Imbolg ceremony to plant seeds that grow to be harvested at Lughnasadh and in awider sense this is a time to start those projects that will bear fruit later in the year.

This time of the year used to be known as the Quickening and now is the time you'll really start to see that stretch in the day, growing longer and longer until we reach the equinox in March. We are part of nature too and just as the plants begin to bud and the animals wake from their winter sleep, we feel that rushing in the blood that calls us to start anew.

Of course, Imbolg is also Brigid's time. Over the years in Ireland she's shifted from a Celtic goddess to a Christian saint but the stories that surround Bridget from Kildare have such a pagan ring to them it's not hard to see where her roots lie. Even as a saint her patronage is that of a powerful mother, looking after the lost, the lonely and the frightened as well as the farmers who depend on the fruitfulness of the land. She is also, apparently, the patron saint of printing presses so, as a very small magazine, we'll tip our hats to her as well.

Blessed Be

Abigail Rieley

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